How to Unplug from the Internet for a Day

If you're anything like me or most people your morning routine consists of checking social media at some point at the start of the day. While this isn't a problem in most cases, it can become draining or counterproductive to your goals.

While I'm not saying that you should give up social media for life- I do suggest to fast from social media every now and then. Some people might fast for once a quarter, once a month, or annually. The length of time is really up to you but I suggest with starting with one day. 

If you'd like to challenge yourself to one full day of no social media I recommend that you find other activities to replace the time you usually spend on social media. Here are a couple suggestions but be creative!


Tip 1. Get Centered

In the morning instead checking your feed you can meditate, read scripture, and/or journal instead. It helps you to center and have more clarity in what you'd like to get accomplished in your day AND gives you a boost of encouragement.


Tip 2. Learn Something New

You can finally work in the time to read that book you've been meaning to get into. Or you can catch up or try out a new podcast. There are so many avenues to learn new information to support you in the goals you want to achieve and you just may discover a new hobby.



Tip 3. Phone a Friend

This is my last and final tip but possibly one of the most important. The some of the same people that you follow on social media are also in your phone contacts but when was the last time you had a conversation beyond a tag, DM, or text message. Nurture your relationships with your friends and family whether that's by giving them a call or meeting up in person. It may be a much needed reunion for the both of you.


Those are all of my tips for now! Have you ever went on a social media fast?  If so, let me know if you tried any of the tips above and how they worked for you or if you have your own tip to add. :) 

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