About Us

In 2005, I started a journey to a healthier lifestyle that grew out of decision to go natural in my hair care routine. Over the next 12 years I realized that I needed to be more aware of all of the other chemicals I was still exposing myself to through the use of everyday products like body wash, perfumes, and deodorant. As I became more aware of how these products can be absorbed into the bloodstream and how they can affect your health I began to seek out products that were healthier but still worked as well as what I wanted to replace.

My goal was to find healthy products that gave me the same level of satisfaction and excitement as the chemical laden products once had. My problem was that most products touted as “natural” or “organic” were so bare bones that they didn’t offer the results I was looking for and in some cases were boring to use.

Peace Be Still Collection offers a healthier alternative yet still maintains a level of sophistication and on trend options that are also just as pampering as the old faithful products we used to love. Our products are handcrafted with premium quality ingredients and  highly scented fragrances that we can help you select by using our online fragrance wheel that highlights the fragrance notes of each scent.

The candles, wax melts and bath bombs Peace Be Still Collection offers are little luxuries that inspire the self care you deserve without you having to set aside your whole day - unless you want to. It’s luxury level pampering that gives you the freedom to include self care into your busy everyday schedule because it is so accessible. Whether you’ve had a rough day, need to unwind OR it’s a time of celebration and you want to  treat yourself or others, I invite you to experience indulgence of our specially curated fragrances to meet your needs and mood.


Jessica - Owner/Artisan