Me Time Wax Melts

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Me Time

Create your own oasis.

You don’t have to schedule appointments at the spa or travel to have some Me Time. These wax melts will transform any space into a sacred space deserving of your presence. Warm these melts, turn on your favorite relaxing music and enjoy some much needed bliss.

Scent notes:

Incense - Transforms your space into a sacred one

Patchouli- Stabilizes mood.

Cedarwood- Relaxes and soothes

Vetiver- Centers and balances you no matter your surroundings.

This six piece wax melt will last for approximately 30 hours.

Our melts work flawlessly in our candle warmers.

About Peace Be Still Wax Melts

Our premium soy wax melts are crafted with your well-being in mind. They are a safe flameless choice you can use with confidence around kids and pets.  All of our products are paraffin free and we use Phthalate free fragrances. It’s our mission to melt away your concerns by providing a healthy option that delivers a heavenly experience.