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Coconut wax candle, Scented Candle, Coconut wax scented candle

PRE ORDER Reclaiming My Time - Coconut Wax Scented Candle

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Coconut Wax Scented Candle blended with premium phthalate free fragrances.


 Fragrance Notes:

Sea Salt, Orchid, and Jasmine


Did you know that vegetable-based candle waxes burn longer than a standard paraffin wax? 

With the proper use, our candles will last you a long time for you to enjoy the fragrance in your home. Making sure to keep the candle wick trimmed to 1/4" each time you light the candle so it burns cleanly and evenly.

**Make sure to allow your candle to burn at least 4 hours the first time you light it so that the wax melts completely from edge to edge to ensure the best performance through the life of your candle.